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1.2. Prerequisites

refine is a React-based framework. So, some preliminary knowledge of React and TypeScript is absolutely required. This tutorial is an ideal try for a developer who has already worked with Next.js or Remix and experimented with their internals.

As mentioned previously, most of the code for the app is generated by refine App Scaffolder, that makes it possible to easily initialize, build and launch the app by following a set of directions from start to finish.


In order to develop and run the refine application locally, we need to have Node.js and corresponding version of npm installed in our system. We recommend the latest stable versions, but Node.js version above v14 should be good to go. So, please go ahead and install Node.js in your system.

GitHub Account

In order to publish and deploy a version of the app from your local machine to a cloud hosting platform of your choice, you'll also need a GitHub account (or a similar repository hub).

What are the checklists at the bottom of each page and how do I use them?

A clickable task checklist is waiting for you at the end of each page to measure your understanding of the content. Check these items off to see your progress in the Tutorial Tracker.

(This data is only saved to your browser’s local storage, and is not available elsewhere. No data is sent to, nor stored by refine.)

What if I need help or want to learn more about refine, or want to give feedback to developers behind it?
  • Join the Discord Community – it is the easiest way to get help, all questions are usually answered in about 30 minutes.
  • GitHub Discussions – ask anything about the project or give feedback, we'd love to hear your thoughts!